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Alien Project: Experiment X is a 2D stealth platformer. The player will be able to traverse and escape through two environments, a CyroChamber and a Lab Complex. In the way, the player will face challenges such as guards, scientists and lasers while escaping to the surface of Area 42.

Team Members (We had many hats, but mainly we are):

MarvinAR - (Lead Programmer [All Game Systems/Mechanics/UI/HUD/AI] + Level Designer [Mechanics, AI and more]).

SashaN - (Lead Character Designer/Artist [Player and Enemies], Story, Animator, Environment Prop Artist & Game Menu Screens/Game Menu Layout Artist).

JesusFG (uploader) - (Lead Level Designer/Artist, Environment Prop Artist, Cinematics [Special thanks to my sis and bro for their cinematic feedback ending] + (Sequencer Key-point System  [Lasers Timing + Platform Movement Work]) & Slight blueprints mechanic/widget tweaks/fixes).


2) Background Story:

Mankind has shown time and time again that they are the advanced species. Scientists have created a new species, starting with its first named Experiment X. Kept in a cryosleep, X has been suffering years of tests done, drugs injected into its body, and overall awful living conditions. One day, something went wrong and the chamber that was supposed to keep X asleep and immobile was no longer functioning properly, and he woke up. Knowing he was now free and able to roam, X broke out of his chamber and is now on pursuit to leave the facility. 

3) How to Play 

1) Start The Game

2) Press "Play Game"

3) Enjoy! :)


AD to move left and right

W or Space to Jump

Control to Crouch

F for Melee (prototype)

Escape Key to quit the game.


1) When the player dies, there is a chance that the player may change position in the world (below ground level) and may walk really weird as in like crouched mode. To fix this, press the crouch key (control key).

Special Thanks

Family and friends and prof. Margarita Kim. Thanks for everything.

Thank you so much guys! and we hope you enjoy the game!

Install instructions

To Install

1) Download the .zip file

2) Uncompress .zip file anywhere on your hard drive

3) Run the .exe inside the folder called "Alien Project Experiment X"


Team1_MSJ_PD1_P3 - Alien Project Experiment X - Presentation Build.zip 122 MB

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