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Ninja Cat is a 2D action-adventure platformer game. Play as Tabby the Cat, defeat the doggos and avenge Sensei!!! Travel through five themed areas and face the final boss!

Credits / Collab:

2 week project! Collab with great artists/programmer, check them out and say hi!

We had many hats, but overall we are:

ZunigaD: - (Lead Character Designer/Artist [Character, Enemies and Boss], 2D Backgrounds Artist [Emphasis on Graveyard and City], Level Designer [City Layout], 2D Prop Artist, Story & Intro Cinematic Video) https://zunigad.itch.io/

Deadjigs - (Lead Programmer [All Mechanics] + Level Designer & Story): https://itch.io/profile/deadjigz

JamyzGenius (JesusFG / Uploader): - (Lead Level Designer/Artist [Dojo, Graveyard, City (Partial), Sewers and Sushi Shop], Prop/Environment Artist for all areas + Small contributions to Story/Direction.

How to play:

Run the game via the .exe and press "Start" when in the main menu.


WASD to move

Left mouse button to attack

Space to jump

Hold Space to Charge Jump

Double Space to Double Jump

R key to reset level

Shift to Dash


1) When attacking, there is a chance that the player runs into a loop of auto-attacks. Press the R key to reset the level to fix.

2) The final boss mechanics are non-existent. Game ends with a pop-up message.

3) Player may have issues with collision towards several enemies.

Purpose of the project was to see how much content could be done in an X period of time. Some mechanics may not work well/properly. Prototype-Style project.

Special Thanks

Family and friends and prof. Margarita Kim. Thanks for everything.

Hope you enjoy! Thanks for your visit!

Install instructions

1) Download ZIP file

2) Unpack

3) Enter the Ninja_Cat/WindowsNoEditor folders

4) Run the .exe

5) Enjoy!


Team A - Ninja_Cat - Project 1 v2.zip 253 MB

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